City of Frechen and Rhein-Erft-Tourism

You can inform yourself about events, spare time activities, and places of interest in our city and its surrounding regions through the websites of “Stadt Frechen” and “Rhein-Erft-Tourismus”.

What has to be highlighted are the excellent cycle paths which lead you through the regions – travel through fields, meadows and forrests while passing windmills, castles, lakes and various cultural points of interest.

For more detailed information please visit “Rad-Region-Rheinland” (www.radregionrheinland.de) and “Rhein-Erft-Tourismus” (www.rhein-erft-tourismus.de).

With Cologne and Bonn being near by the variety of leisure time activities is considerably large.

Points of interest

  • Wasserschloss, Haus Bitz, Frechen (ca. 4 km)
  • Kölner Dom, Domschatzkammer, Köln (ca. 12 km)
  • Altes Rathaus, Köln (ca. 13 km)
  • Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl (ca. 18 km)
  • Bonner Münster, Bonn (ca. 38 km)


  • Keramion, Frechen (ca. 2 km)
  • Deutsches Sport-u. Olympiamuseum, Köln (ca.11 km)
  • Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Köln (ca. 13 km)
  • Schokoladenmuseum, Köln (ca. 15 km)
  • Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum, Bonn (ca. 38 km)
  • Deutsches Museum, Bonn (ca. 42 km)

Parks / Leisure centres / Swimming pools

  • Familienbad De Bütt, Hürth (ca. 5 km)
  • Erlebnisbad Fresh Open, Frechen (www.fresh-open.de)
  • Strandbad Otto-Maigler-See, Hürth (ca. 7 km)
  • Aqualand, Köln (ca. 12 km)
  • Michael Schuhmacher Kartbahn, Kerpen (ca. 12 km)
  • Zoo, Köln (ca. 15 km)
  • Botanischer Garten Flora, Köln (ca. 15 km)
  • Phantasialand, Brühl (ca. 18 km)
  • Freizeitpark Rheinaue, Bonn (ca. 38 km)

Sports / Sports events

  • Kletterhalle Chimpanso Drome, Frechen (ca. 2 km)
  • Rhein-Energie Stadion, Köln (ca. 6,5 km)
  • Lanxess-Arena, Köln (ca. 12 km)
  • Kletterwald Schwindelfrei, Brühl (ca. 12 km)

Cinema / Opera / Theatre / Play